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  • Make Applied Biosystems
  • Hertz 50Hz/60Hz
  • Model Pathatrix Auto Demo
  • Serial 1261
  • Weight 40
  • Voltage 120V/220V
  • Working Working
  • Includes Power Cord
  • Warranty AS-IS
  • Dimensions 45×74×86 in
  • Shipping Type Freight
  • Item Condition Pre-owned
  • Manufacturing Date 2012

 Matrix Microscience Pathatrix Model KSKP-1


Pathatrix is a rapid detection method for pathogens, spoilage bacterium and viruses in food, environmental and bio-threat samples. It uses re-circulating immuno-magnetic separation (RIMS) technology that relies on the use of antibody coated paramagnetic particles to selectively bind and purify the target organism from a comprehensive range of complex matrices. By re-circulating the sample over a “capture phase,” comprised of immobilized antibody coated magnetic beads, this increases the sensitivity of the capture. A high volume wash enables the efficient removal of the sample matrices, non-specific microorganisms and PCR inhibitors.

The Pathatrix® Auto System is fully compatible with a wide range of detection technologies. The captured, concentrated, and cleaned sample produced by the Pathatrix® system helps ensure a more reliable and accurate result from your chosen detection method. The time to result is also reduced due to the concentration effect of the Pathatrix® system. Simple linking protocols are available for all of the commonly used detection technologies, including:

  • Agar plates—selective and chromogenic
  • Colorimetric assays—ELISA and lateral flow
  • PCR—real-time or conventional

Key features and benefits

Cleans and concentrates target—helps reduce false positives and indeterminate results

Pooling of up to 10 samples—save up to 90% on downstream detection costs

15-minute, fully automated run-time—quicker time to results and improved productivity






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