Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray Source ES081

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  • Make Thermo Scientific
  • Model EASY Spray source
  • Serial N/A
  • Weight 15
  • Working Working
  • Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
  • Dimensions 20×15×20 in
  • Shipping Type TNT
  • Item Condition Pre-owned
  • Manufacturing Date 2013

Nanoflow HPLC separations and nano-electrospray ionization can maximize LC-MS performance, but they rely on numerous critical and error-prone connections to achieve optimum results. Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray Source uses integrated, temperature-controlled column-emitter units that require only a single easy connection. The result is state-of-the-art performance narrow peaks, maximum separation efficiency and outstanding MS sensitivity for both expert and nonexpert users.

Manufacture Specification 

  • Highly stable performance over extended periods yields more reliable LC-MS results
  • Exacting assembly precision of EASY-Spray columns ensures class-leading column-to-column reproducibility for large experiments or multisite collaborations
  • High peak capacity allows use of smaller particles sizes and/or longer columns, both of which contribute to more identifications
  • Integrated column/emitter design with zero-dead-volume fittings provides better separations and greater reliability
  • Integrated column/emitter design and tool-free, finger-tight connections vastly simplify column replacement



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