Electrophoresis Power Station & Power Stain

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  • Make Thermo Fisher
  • Hertz 50Hz/60Hz
  • Model 22838
  • Serial PS1412045
  • Weight 41
  • Voltage 240V
  • Working Working
  • Includes Power Cord
  • Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
  • Dimensions 37×41×28 in
  • Shipping Type Freight
  • Item Condition Pre-owned


The Invitrogen Power Blotter System is designed specifically for rapid semi-dry transfer of proteins from polyacrylamide gels to nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes in 5 to 12 minutes. The Power Blotter features an integrated power supply optimized to enable consistent and high-efficiency protein transfer.

Features of the Power Blotter System include:
• Efficient—high transfer efficiency with a broad range of protein sizes compared to conventional semi-dry or wet (tank) transfer methods
• Fast—5 to 12 minute transfer when used with Power Blotter Select Transfer Stacks or Power Blotter 1-Step Transfer Buffer
• Integrated power supply—seamless operation between control unit and cassette; no need for external power supply
• Easy-touch programming—convenient pre-programmed transfer methods or create, save, and run customized transfer methods
• Flexible—simultaneous transfer of 1 to 2 mini-size or 1 midi-size gel using the Power Blotter Cassette
• Versatile—compatible with Power Blotter Select Transfer Stacks and Pierce 1-Step Transfer Buffer for rapid blotting programs or Towbin transfer buffer for conventional semi-dry transfer methods


The Power Blotter Cassette, included in the Power Blotter System, enables the simultaneous transfer of up to two mini-size or one midi-size gel. The included Power Blotter Station has an easy-to-use color LCD touchscreen interface with pre-programmed transfer methods for different numbers and sizes of gels and ranges of molecular weight protein. The easy-touch programming feature allows custom transfer settings to be quickly created, saved, and run.

The Power Blotter System achieves highly efficient transfer in seven minutes when used with Power Blotter Select Transfer Stacks or ten minutes with Power Blotter 1-Step Transfer Buffer. The instrument is also effective for standard 30- to 60-minute semi-dry transfer protocols based on traditional buffers.

Contents of the Power Blotter System:
Power Blotter Station
Power Blotter Cassette



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