Applied biosystem 140C-00 Microgradient System

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  • Make Applied Biosystems
  • Hertz 50Hz/60Hz
  • Model 140C-00 Microgradient System
  • Serial 1100000107
  • Weight 24
  • Voltage 120V/220V
  • Working Working
  • Includes Power Cord
  • Warranty AS-IS
  • Dimensions 66×41×40 in
  • Shipping Type Freight
  • Item Condition Pre-owned
  • Manufacturing Date N/A

  • Innovative and Intuitive Instrumentation
  • Pressure and Fluid Sensors for Optimum Reliability
  • Multi-Cartridge Operation
  • High Initial Read and Long Sequence Reads
  • Supports GFF/PVDF Samples
  • Pulsed Liquid/Gas Cycles
  • Reagents Formulated for Top Performance

The Applied Biosystems Procise System descends from the distinguished line of protein sequencers which dates back to the ABI Model 470. With four cartridges, Procise can sequence 20 or more proteins per week. Complete computer control of all systems enables walk-away or even remote operation.

The Procise System comes ready to sequence with standard protocols and chemistries. New operators can follow the easy sample loading procedures, select a method, and start sequencing. In fact, results of an independent evaluation show that operators with little or no experience can produce expert results. The Procise System controls delivery pressures electronically, eliminating the manual regulators on older protein sequencers. Fluid deliveries are verified by eleven sensors, which provide feedback control on chemical deliveries and validate your data. Sequencing stops if a problem is detected—saving precious samples. Sequencing can be restarted with confidence after error correction.

Up to four cartridges are available for sequencing 20 or more samples per week. Even greater throughput is possible with 20-minute cycles which are 40% faster than the standard 35-minute cycle time.2 When the sample throughput is less demanding, an extra cartridge position can be dedicated to high sensitivity samples or can be used to precycle filters. One- and two-cartridge systems can be upgraded in the field to four cartridge systems. High quality reagents and well optimized chemistry deliver superior performance. The Procise System is engineered to start with as little as one picomole of protein, but accepts much higher amounts as well. Certain proteins, such as toxins, are resistant to proteolytic cleavage and must be sequenced first. For these samples, the Procise Sequencer’s proven long read lengths are critical to complete protein characterization.



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